Posted by: aboutbirds | October 15, 2009

Rare Bird to Become Center of Ecotourism

The Cebu Flowerpecker is an extremely rare bird that is one of the two endemic species to the island of Cebu, an island located in the Philippines. This bird was thought to be extinct in 1906, but was rediscovered in 1992. That’s great news for the bird and since the bird is endemic to the island, conservationists will have only one chance to save the bird.

Since its rediscovery, the Cebu Flowerpecker has only been seen a few times and what makes it even harder to find is its predominantly silent nature. Also, this bird is considered one of the rarest birds in the world and because of that it is poorly understood. That’s another great reason to save it. Currently, its population is thought to be about 100 individuals.

Efforts to conserve the Cebu Flowerpecker include both local and international conservation groups. These groups are the Department of Tourism, Birdlife International, and Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation. This is great because the more people that are involved the better chance this bird has.

Increases in ecotourism will not only help conserve the bird by appreciating it more, it will also help the economy of Cebu. That’s all the more reason to save this bird and the many others around the world.

Click here for the full article.

I wish I could provide a picture, but there didn’t seem to be any definitive ones.



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