Posted by: aboutbirds | October 8, 2009

Migratory Bird Legislation


The Issue

Currently, many migratory birds that go from the United States to other countries are facing a major decline. The loss of habitat, high predation from domestic animals (cats), poisoning from fertilizer/pesticides, and over development are the major components affecting birds. To reverse this shocking decline something needs to be done and this usually comes in the form of federal legislation.

What’s Being Done

Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act is being reauthorized by the House to levels that will better protect migratory songbirds. The already in place NMBCA supports partnerships in US, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It is vital that these partnerships last because about 500 species migrate to those locations annually.

Projects by the NMBCA (these projects have conserved about 3 billion acres of land for birds):

  • Habitat restoration
  • Research and monitoring
  • Law enforcement
  • Outreach
  • Education

The reauthorization of the NMBCA will increase the amount of money the program receives. Currently, the fiscal year of 2010 will only receive about $6.5 million. However, by 2015 the program will receive about $20 million. If the program already is making major headway, then more money would mean better protection. This new reauthorization should not have any problem passing.

My Thoughts

I have never trusted people in D.C. It’s all about money there and they don’t really care about anything nature. However, the NMBCA does seem to be making a small difference and any difference is good. If this can change bird populations for the better, than I’m all for it.

Click here for the report from the American Bird Conservancy.

Kingfisher2‘Till next time – enjoy!


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