Posted by: aboutbirds | October 6, 2009

Photography Ethics for in the Wild


Ethics is not usually the word that comes to mind when thinking of photography, but it should be when thinking of live subjects, especially wary subjects like birds. In an article about wildlife photography the author details how some photographers will go to the extremes to get a shot. Not because it’s a great shot, but for the money that it will make them. This includes putting birds in cages with some foliage to simulate a natural habitat. Extremes like this are most prevalent in other countries, where photographers may lose all inhibitions just to get that money shot. This is sad because it can affect species that may be endangered, but the photographer didn’t know or didn’t care.

When using a hide to watch nesting birds, it is important to respect them and their space. Removing foliage from around the nest can cause predators to catch the babies and that’s not good. Also, don’t crowd the nesters, for they may leave because they may feel threatened. Its very important to respect these species even if the photographer is trying to get a great shot. Its better to lose a shot than it is to push a species more towards extinction.

The birds’ welfare should come first, above all else. How else will we be able to save them?

Image by Slim Sreedharan

‘Till next time – enjoy!


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