Posted by: aboutbirds | October 6, 2009

Do Wind Farms Pose a Threat to Birds?


A study conducted in England says no. Originally a study done by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB, states that birds of conservation concern will decline due to wind farms. However, the British Wind Energy Association, BWEA, responds with their own research saying that, no, bird populations will not decline.

A total of twelve species were studied in the upland wind farms. The study looked at the species nesting near and farther away from the turbines. The research indicated that there was a lower frequency of birds near the turbines, but the birds were not necessarily displaced by the turbines. The BWEA noted that birds are not in danger if wind farms are placed according to procedures.

The study also shows that certain birds, such as the hen harrier and golden plover, will not nest within 500 m of the turbines. This could possibly lead to a decline in populations, but more information will be needed later on because the populations were only studied during breeding season.

This study points out the fact that we need cleaner energy, but we can’t do it at the sacrifice of species population.

For the full article, click here.

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