Posted by: aboutbirds | October 5, 2009

A Few of India’s Birds on Decline


To me, India has always seemed a far off country with an interesting culture that I do not know much about. Not knowing much about the country also means not knowing much about its wildlife. A recent article in the Times of India accounts for some of the birds that future people of India may never see. Sparrows and mynahs may seem common in cities, but their numbers are declining. Only last week a rare sighting of a bearded vulture brings thoughts of the other endangered species in India.






Here are two of the endangered birds in India:


Great Indian Bustard


  • About 400 – 500 left in the wild
  • Once common, but rare today
  • Habitat loss is one of the main reasons for the decline









Sarus Crane


  • About 8,000 left in the wild
  • This is the world’s tallest flying bird
  • Habitat loss is also one of the main reasons for the decline







Bird species are happening all over the world and its difficult to look beyond our own borders. We need to because birds and other animals do not see borders. We need to conserve on a global basis, not just regional. That will be the best thing for birds and their other non-feathered friends. I hope to one day travel to India and see birds like these, but the clock ticks closer and closer to the end.

‘Till next time – enjoy!



  1. Hi,

    I am from India, currently living in the United States. Conservation of birds is important to preserve our biodiversity. When we were growing up in India about 20 years back, sparrows were common, and seen everywhere. Today, they are rarely seen in cities.

    Vultures and owls are also declining at an astonishing pace.
    Wish you the best in your conservation efforts.

  2. thes are the prestigeous &royal birds will become pride of our nation if we conserve them

  3. very goog pictures but needed more information

  4. In India, the conservation of Birds is not picked up yet. Though many clubs are trying to do something for endangered birds, lack of financial support. The Govt. never bother about these declining species. Ornithology dept. has to establish in every Universities, then only people have exposure and care of the birds. House Sparrows diminished. Now one can find in cities and urban towns. Everybody knows the reason. Cannot do Anything. Every dog has a day. So let us hope good days for birds.

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