Posted by: aboutbirds | October 4, 2009

Migrants Want Cooler Temperatures?

Birds are the visible harbingers of change. When their patterns change, everything is changing, such as their migration patterns. We all know that birds migrate in the winter and spring, but recent studies have shown that birds are migrating differently in recent times due to the changing climate. A recent article from the Chipley Bugle in Florida discusses a study that has noticed these changes from the past few decades.

Lately, new information has come in that birds are changing their migration patterns to overcome the warmer climates, both in fall and in spring.

Elena Sachs from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Florida Bird Conservation Initiative states that "we see trends in birds first because it is so easy to see."

Studies done during the past 40 years demonstrate that certain species are affected by warmer climates and their migration patterns are now different. According to NOAA, the average temperatures for January rose by about 5oF in the four decades. Also, thanks to Christmas Bird Counts, nearly 305 species have moved north to cooler temperatures. Changes in precipitation have also affected birds. Another problem with warming temperatures is that birds will go back to breeding grounds too early in the year. They might find colder temperatures than they are used to and they may not survive.

Overall, the warming climate is not conducive for many animals, including birds, because they do not have the time to adapt fast enough. Climate affects all parts of the globe, not just North America, and we can’t change animal behavior, but we can try to limit the effects of climate change. So participate in conservation efforts when you can and do anything you can to help save our beautiful birds.

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