Posted by: aboutbirds | September 23, 2009


Hey Everybody,

Welcome to my new blog. As the title indicates this blog is about birds. I recently got into birding by taking a class at school. The class was a coastal ornithology (meaning the study of birds, if you didn’t know) and we went birding every Friday for about 5 hours. As the title of the class suggests, I was located on the coast. This coast is the upper Texas coast and we mainly saw shorebirds and large wading birds. It was a fantastic class and I encourage anyone interested in birding to get out there and see what classes or anything is in your area.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m some expert birder – I’m not- but I like it. I love looking at birds and their wide variety of behaviors. From the very annoying and numerous Laughing Gull to the solitary Great Blue Heron, bird behavior is has extreme variations. Anybody can bird, you don’t have to be always birding and going far distances, you can bird from your own backyard. The Northern Cardinal is a very common backyard bird and the male is very pretty. Don’t be discouraged by anybody or anything.

I want this blog to demonstrate variety. I will post information about certain species, I will discuss what I saw (for example I saw a really low Magnificent Frigatebird fly over the school last week – awesome), I will post stuff about avian conservation, and bird news. I hope it’s all very interesting for I don’t want to bore anybody. Though, if you don’t like birds, then it probably will be boring.

‘Till next time – enjoy!


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